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Cirque Vertigo


Cirque Vertigo

Lecture Schedule

11:30 am Tips for Improving Communication w/ the Afterlife with Chuck Bergman

12:15 pm Discover Your Soul’s Past to Heal the Present with Elissa Bentsen

1:00 pm  Laughter Therapy with Josie Dalika-Melcher

1:45 pm Understanding Subconscious Blocks and How They Impact your Life  with Indira

2:30 pm Connect with Angels, Faeries, Animals and Nature: Vibration and Frequency with Molly Fridenfeld

3:15 pm  Mediumship Message Gallery Live Event with Chuck Bergman

4:00 pm  Life Regression: Past, Future, Soul with Misty Patterson

Chuck Bergman  from Jacksonville, FL   Communication w/ the Afterlife & Mediumship Messages Gallery Live Event

Chuck-Bergman-Headshot 3 Author, Psychic Medium, Retired Police Officer 

Psychic CopChuck Bergman is a third-generation psychic medium who realized his gift at a very early age.  During his 32-year career as a police officer in Salem, Massachusetts, Chuck kept his gift under wraps. Since his retirement and going public as a psychic medium, the A&E Channel and the Biography Channel have featured Chuck on the
program Psychic Search.

Chuck has helped numerous police departments around the world locate missing persons and solve murder cases. Now retired from the police force, he enjoys the freedom of using his gift.  Chuck is passionate about educating people on the concept of life continuing after so-called death.

Chuck co-authored The Everything Guide to Evidence of an Afterlife (2011) and his autobiography Psychic Cop published in 2012.

Elissa Bentsen from Sarasota, FL   Discover Your Soul’s Past to Heal the Present


National Speaker and Workshop Presenter, Past Life Regression and Soul Trauma Healing

The focus of Elissa’s work is Past Life Regression and Soul Trauma Healing to help people access root problems and to discover how knowledge of the past and the release of negative energy can heal the mind, body and soul in current life.

c1Ms. Bentsen is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a BSW in Social Work. She served as Executive Director of United Way Agencies in Florida for 15 years before becoming a certified hypnotist from the Omni Hypnosis Center. She has practiced as a therapist under the supervision of licensed clinical social workers and is a Soul Trauma Healer.

At the Mystical Bazaar she will offer an overview of how we compose a sacred life script and how it impacts our current life. Information on how to use Past Life Regression and Soul Trauma Healing to clear out negative past life energy and heal mind, body and soul.

Josie Dakila-Melcher 2Josie Dakila-Melcher from Sapang Palay, Bulacan, Philippines & Bradenton, FL  Laughter Therapy

Josie Dakila-MelcherJosie is a certified teacher that helps people relax with Laughter and fun to overcome stress in life. Enlightening laughter activities stimulate relaxation and inner transformation. This is a very effective method of relieving stress, tension, and unnecessary inhibitions that are running one’s life. Please join us and enjoy a good laugh! 🙂

There are various types of laughter therapy including laughter yoga (laughing out loud until it does become funny), laughter groups (sharing jokes, funny props, watching humorous videos), and Clown Doctors (who visit sick children in hospital). Generally one type of laughter therapy will appeal more than the others depending on your condition and circumstances.

Indira from Sarasota, FL   Understanding Subconscious Blocks and How They Impact your Life  

Certified Thetahealing Practitioner and Instructor, Intuitive Card Reader, Certified Crystal Remote Viewing Practitioner

Head ShotchakrasIndira has been personally trained as an instructor of numerous classes by the founder of Thetahealing, Vianna Stibal. In addition, she brings a wealth of knowledge of various energy healing modalities, metaphysical topics, and Law of Attraction teachings to all of her offerings.

It is estimated that only 12% of our mind is conscious, whereas 88% is subconscious. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on down there? We’ll explore what subconscious beliefs are, how they develop, how you can recognize them and how they impact your choices in ways you may not realize. We’ll also look at various healing modalities that can help you gain better control of your thoughts, feelings and ultimately, your life.

Molly Fridenfeld from Minnesota and Florida   How to Invite Love, Joy, Peace, Inspiration, and Angels Into Your Life!

4968666Author, Teacher of Light, Inspirational Speaker, Angel of Light Coach, and Ordained Minister

angelMolly will talk to the group about the art of raising our vibration so that we may experience love, joy, peace, inspiration, and Angels! Molly will show us through simple techniques such as reframing our thinking from the negative to the positive how we can learn to compassionately detach from the things that steal our joy such as: drama, fear, sadness, judgment, anger, and anxiety. Molly will also explain how mindfulness, meditation, spreading goodness, and seeing other souls with the ‘eyes of the heart’ raises our vibration which helps us to create miracles, align with our inner brilliance, Higher Self, and recognize when Angels are communicating with us.

Molly is also the creator of the Violet Wisdom Radio featuring The Earthly Angel Show and The Light of Humanity Show. Molly finds souls making a positive impact in their communities and shares their inspirational stories with the world. She is the author of two books, The Book of Simple Human Truths and Becoming an Earthly Angel.

Molly’s speaking events are perfect for audiences of all types and ages. The focus of every message is on inspiration, positivity, raising your vibration, self-love, and making a positive impact in the world in your own unique way.

Molly’s life purpose mission is to connect with Earthly Angels across the earth, help soul’s remember their divinity, heal with light, and create Heaven on Earth! One of Molly’s soul gifts is to help other souls find theirs! “It is through love that the door to Heaven is opened on Earth.”

Misty Patterson from Tampa, FL   Life Regression: Past, Future, Soul

soul purposeLife Regression

Misty holds more than 30 Certifications in various areas of Energy Work, Holistic & Metaphysical studies – Areas such as: NLP, Clinical Hypnosis, Life Transformation Coach, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, and more. Coining herself as a Life Long Learner this list continues to grow as she does.

Misty has been a Success & Wellness Coach/Consultant for 20 yrs. Blending her intuitive skills with her education & background in holistic & metaphysical studies allows her to naturally help clients affect powerful change and find success in many areas of life, relationships, wellness, spiritual paths, as well as small businesses.

Misty has been fortunate enough to study with several leaders in the alternative and holistic industry, as well as study & practice her field internationally. This has helped her become a true “coaches’ coach”; providing other practitioners and coaches with tools that help them both in their personal development as well as helping them focus and grow their businesses.

Additionally, Misty is a Certified Trainer of Holistic Practitioners & Alternative Coaches, with more than 12 years but has been providing workshops & training to others for more than 20 years. She is currently in talks with producers to become a panel expert on a television series with a core focus of helping others become successful in their lives.

Victoria Ackerman from Sarasota, FL    Psychic Medium  

Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher/Healer, Educator, Lecturer, Director at The Spirit University

22417_1045034082190928_4888539653110130875_nLooking into Crystal Ball 1-8-14A gifted clairvoyant, Victoria is known for providing precise and accurate readings, enumerating surprising details about others’ lives, and making contact with those who have crossed over. She is the founder of The Spirit University, an educational institution (based in Sarasota, FL) that teaches students how to develop and expand their intuition, refine their psychic skills and touch base with their energetic healing capacity. Victoria was born with psychic awareness and abilities. As a naturally gifted psychic medium, she has studied metaphysics, spending many intensive years training and working with some of the world’s top psychic mediums. After a near-death experience,  her unique skills were brought to the surface and amplified.

Lively public demonstrations provide Victoria’s audience with a rare opportunity to experience the fascinating phenomenon of mediumship, which she delivers with her distinctive style of humor, intensity, and compassion. When she contacts the spirit side of life she validates that those on the other side of life wish to communicate with you as much as you want to talk to them. Victoria passionately believes that her job as a psychic medium is to help others connect with their loved ones, and also to empower everyone to follow their own spiritual journey by helping them discover their own personal tools and connection.